Coffee cultures

Coffee cultures from around the World

When you go country hopping a foodie is usually spoilt for choice. The world’s global cities offer a mouth watering array of food experiences that makes tourists come back for more. Even for the most fussy diner there is usually enough to keep palates tingling throughout the trip. However, coffee the international drink has many variations and what is good in Italy may be far removed in Turkey both in ingredients and looks. In fact it is said that coffee houses and cafes are a reflection of a country’s culture and traditions.

Here are some of the coffees that you must try out if you love the hot cup of brew.

Italy – Espresso

You will surely face a raised eyebrow or two if you order a go-to coffee at an Italian cafe and settle down with it. In Italy, it is the straight espresso that is preferred which is served in small cups and sipped standing. Moreover, coffee in the country is never ordered late in the day either, the time to have cappuccino is in the morning.

Denmark – Kaffee

Consumption of coffee in Denmark is among the highest in the world and is an integral part of Danish culture. At any given part of the day, you will find cafes in every corner especially around Copenhagen packed with people enjoying their favourite cuppa. This is primarily attributed to the long, cold and dark Scandinavian winters.

Cuba – Cafe Cubano

Cubans like their coffee strongly brewed and have it first thing in the morning or after meals or whenever they get a chance. Coffee is a vital part of the social fabric of the country and Cubans love to have theirs while socialising. It is not a regular cup of coffee for Cubans; their favourite brew is always served in shots.

Turkey – Turk Kahvesi

Serving coffee in Turkey is more of a ritual than anything else. The thick and sweet brew is usually served after meals from a long handled copper pot known as a cezve. Accompaniments include chewy Turkish candy. A famous Turkish proverb aptly describes how coffee should be – “as black as hell, as strong as death and as sweet as love.”

Saudi Arabia – Kahwa

Coffee in Saudi Arabia is a mix of various ingredients and etiquettes. In Arab culture, it is customary to serve coffee first to elders before others can partake of it. The drink is cardamom – spiced in Saudi Arabia and is had with dried dates to neutralize the bitterness of coffee.

IrelandIrish Coffee

This is an after dinner drink in Ireland where coffee meets cocktail. The concoction includes hot coffee, Irish whisky and sugar topped with whipped cream. This cocktail is said to have been first created in the country during the 1940s to keep American troops warm in the cold winter nights and is as popular today around the world as it was then.

These are just a sample of the many variations of coffee around the world.