About Blog Site

When you think of a blog site that is devoted to catering, food and cafes, your first reaction would most probably be “not another!” And you definitely cannot be faulted for it. There are hundreds of web and blog sites that deal with this topic in all its various manifestations.

However, we can confidently say that our blog site is not the regular run of the mill stop for food and cafes. We do not dish out recipes of cafe food and neither do we go into what makes good coffee. Instead we bring you interesting news and trivia from the world of food and cafe and where you will get the best coffees in tourist destinations around the world.

We offer nuggets of information that is sure to interest our readers who will generally be coffee and cafe food lovers. Did you know that coffee in Saudi Arabia is had with the dried dates to neutralise the bitter taste? Did you know that Irish coffee is basically a cocktail made of hot coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar and whipped cream developed in the 1940s to keep American troops stationed in that country warm? This and much more can be had at our blog site http://www.rubiconcafe.com.au, designed to keep visitors glued to their screens.

Catering is another subject that we will be dealing in. It is now a multi billion industry around the world and is an indispensable part of parties, glam events, weddings, product launches or promotional events. Food is paramount in any social gathering and caterers play an important role in ensuring that at least the dining and food part of it goes off without a hitch. We will take our readers behind the scenes of catering and how the sector functions.

However, with as topics as varied as that we deal in, it is necessary to have close interaction with our readers to make our site more interesting and incisive. Hence, we invite write-ups from those who have knowledge in the niche that we deal in – catering, food, and cafe. Bloggers can be experts in this field or those who have roamed the world sampling coffee and food in various parts of the globe. Any topic is welcome so long as it pertains to the niche that we focus on.

We will inform contributors by mail once their blogs are posted on our site.